Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Microblog Monday: Finding room for gratitude

Today my daughter raged for 45 min. Full on, screaming rage. She was not happy that she needed to wait to have her shake until after we got home from dropping off Maddy at school.

Yep, you guessd it. She raged all the way to school. Raged in the school office. Raged on the way to Maddy's class. Raged home. Raged as I changed her poopy diaper (not an easy task.)

And just, just [sweet relief] stopped.

You might think of this as a complaint.

But it's not.

You see, several days ago, a little girl named Aurora died. I have never met her personally ... Just saw her beautiful face in the picture my friend posted. You see it was her niece. And she was just days older than Leyla.

As I watched Leyla rage, I thought of Aurora's mom. How she probably would give anything to see her almost 3-year-old breathing, living. How Aurora's mom would look at us with sadness ... Her car now empty, mine still full.

And today the verse about being grateful for everything struck a chord. 

Leyla might be screaming, but she is breathing. It might take a while to calm down, it might be a whole bad day. But our troubles are light and momentary. 

She will eat a snack, turn a corner (eventually), and be sweet again.

Our life will move forward as long as God sees fit. No matter what may have gone "wrong" in my life, whatever hardships I have faced or will face, I know this truth ...

In everything, there is room for gratitude.


  1. Gratitude. After infertility, everything that is related to my daughter and the tiniest of joys I find echoes in my soul as the deepest, most profound gratitude of all. For so many of us are not so lucky. And so many get to experience this joy and luck, and then it is snatched from our fingers. I am grateful EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Thank you for this post. :)

  2. A very moving post. And an important reminder, especially on the hard days.

  3. It's so important to look for the things to be grateful for in every day

  4. Amen. Prayers for Aurora's family, as well.