Infertility, Pregnancy Loss & Grief Resources

I'm an information hound, and nothing has prompted that search for knowledge (or for someone who just gets it) than having lost a pregnancy (or three).

Here's my top list of resources that helped me heal, helped me grieve, and helped me find hope again.


If you'd like to find me on Facebook, search for "the lewis note" group. I make sure to update all of my posts on that group. Request to join on FB, and I'll be sure to add you. (A great resource for any kind of pregnancy loss. The "Baby Dust" book is also a good read, although there is one chapter that talks about aborting a baby that is incompatible with life. Just to give you a heads up.)

Still Standing Magazine (  MEND (mommies enduring neonatal death) is the infant and pregnancy loss support group I'm an assistant for. We have monthly meetings across a few different states, as well as a Christmas Candlelight Ceremony each December. For those of you who are local, I hold pampering spa nights that are like an informal MEND meeting -- just coupled with food and footsoaks. I highly recommend you sign up for MEND's FREE newsletter. Go to for more information. A helpful blog on infertility, pregnancy loss, and more.

VIDEO  Video that you really just HAVE to watch. 2 years later, and I still cry. (Good tears though.)


"I Will Carry You" by Angie Smith
"Where is God When it Hurts" by Phillip Yancey
"A Grief Disguised" by Jerry Sittser
"What Was Lost" by Elise Erikson Barrett
"Hearing Jesus Speak Into Your Sorrow" and "Holding On to Hope" by Nancy Guthrie

"When a Heart Breaks" by Ben Rector
"Who You Are" by JJ Heller
"Restless" by Audrey Assad
"You're Not Alone" by Meredith Andrews


Mama B's Sweet Peas are handcrafted, custom creations by my dear, dear friend Stevie Ballinger. She uses sterling silver wire and high-quality pearls. Most mamas choose their children's birth month colors, though you are only limited by your imagination as to what your Sweet Pea looks like. 
Stevie offers Angel (or Loss) Peas -- smaller beads that can go on the top or bottom of a pod -- to give you something tangible to represent the babies who are in your heart. I LOVE wearing mine! And I get so many compliments on it!
She will be offering a special discount to readers of my blog, 25% off at checkout when you enter coupon code LEWISNOTE, good through Mother's Day, May 10, 2014.  Thank you for supporting her business.  She, too, is a Loss Mama.  You can read her story here.


 Teeny Tears

Teeny Tears is a non-profit organization of diapering volunteers that is centrally coordinated. Our volunteers collaborate together to provide tiny flannel bereavement diapers to hospitals and bereavement support organizations at no charge for families that have suffered the loss of a preemie or micropreemie child through stillbirth or NICU loss. Project launched November 2011 in loving memory of Dex J Bradshaw.

Angel Outfitters
Angel Outfitters, a division of Teeny Tears, is a non-profit volunteer service organization dedicated to providing much-needed appropriately sized, easy to use clothing to hospitals and bereavement support organizations, at no charge, for families who have suffered the loss of a child through pregnancy or premature infant loss.

Because, "
Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." -- AA Milne

Project launched in October 2012, in loving memory of Lily.


  1. Some songs that have helped me heal with my pregnancy loss are:
    "I Will Carry You" by Selah
    "Still" by Gerrit Hofsink
    "Glory Baby" by Watermark

    1. We used "Glory Baby" for our Christmas Candlelight Memorial service.

  2. "Held" by Natalie Grant

    I would love to have my book added, All That is Seen and Unseen; A Journey Through a First Trimester Miscarriage. I will send it to you for free if you would like to audit it first. I would also love to connect with you!

    1. Yes! Please rmail me at Thank you!!

  3. Empty Arms (By: Pam Vredeveltis) is another great book.

  4. I listen to "Fix you" by Cold play- weekly since we lost our baby. It came on when we found out our baby didnt have a heart beat and Ive listened to it since.

  5. On our way home from the doctor when we found out our baby didnt have a heart beat, the song "Fix you" by Coldplay came on and its been my song weekly since we lost our 5th child.

  6. "Unspeakable Losses" from Kim Kluger-Bell. Something that stuck with me was how a grieving mother painted a picture of her grief by comparing her dealing with the pain with "drinking water from a pool with a straw". Overwhelming.

  7. I love the song "Just Let Me Cry" by Hillary Weeks.

    1. I will have to check this one out. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Threads of Hope, Pieces of Joy by Teale Fackler and Gwen Kik. Best Bible study on the loss of a baby ever, bar none.

  9. For those who are Catholic and looking for resources, Elizabeth Ministries is a wonderful program. It's named for Elizabeth, cousin of Mary, who struggled with infertility. They also offer clear resources for Churches who struggle with how to support couples dealing with childbearing issues, miscarriages, infertility, and other concerns.