Monday, July 27, 2015

Microblog Monday: 2 ways to write brilliantly

Photo Credit: Dwayne Bent (Flickr), edited with permission

1 -- Write what your audience is thinking, feeling, instinctively knows to be their truth, but do not have the words to voice. Write how they feel, give them context to their experience, put language to their truth and they will say, 

"THIS!! Finally, someone totally understands me!

It is the one time in human connection when you are the one to speak ... And they are the ones who feel heard.

2 -- Pen your from your own perspective. Take something that everyone feels they know, or has an opinion on, and bring a unique twist. Open their eyes to a new way of thinking, and it is like peeling back the layers of this universe to show them there is more than what they ever could have imagined. 

"I never would have thought this way, but oh my goodness, this totally makes sense," they will say to themselves.

It is one time in human connection when difference of thought builds bridges instead of building walls.

Achieve one -- And you will connect with a large audience. 

Achieve both -- and you will connect with that audience for a lifetime.

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  1. It's funny -- I had two "yes -- that is totally it!" moments this morning, and you're right, it makes you see the blog in a different way.

  2. I need to write again! :D Thanks for this encouragement. :)