Monday, February 3, 2014

quick adoption update

Hey everyone.

It's a busy week in the Lewis household, and I wanted to give a quick update.

We THOUGHT we had all our adoption paperwork in, but they asked for one more piece of paperwork that we now need to find. :( At least we are ALMOST done.

Then disclosure can officially be done.

We have court on Wed -- the day I was HOPING would be finalization day -- but it's not. Not sure what to expect at court this time, as it really just seems like a formality -- for what, I'm not sure.

As of now, we are hoping for finalization in 5-6 weeks. So, I'm thinking early, mid-March.

Several of you have asked how our video went, and I think it went well. It seemed to touch peoples' hearts. I haven't heard back about the meeting yet. I'm just trusting God that He used it however He wanted.

On Thursday, dark and early, I leave for our pregnancy and infancy loss support group's leadership conference. (Try saying THAT 3 times fast.)

I feel a little scattered this week, as I know I just need to get through the next two busy days, and be ready for all that our conference holds for us.

Last year was really good, and I'm hoping for the same this year. We have a different team going this year than last, so it will hopefully help us build strong relationships. A few days this week I have felt "stuck" in, I don't know, in a funk? Maybe that's what I should just call it.

Not loss. not grief. not recurrent loss.

Just a funk.

I'm not going to lie, I'm a little nervous still about going. I know it will be a blessing -- but sometimes immersing yourself in a culture surrounded by loss can bring a lot to the surface. I don't want to be in a funk anymore.

On another note, my detox went amazingly well. I'm going to be resuming it for February as soon as I get home from Texas. And I'm planning on eliminating gluten for the next 6 months to see how my body does. I've done the detox before, but I think this time, its just that much more informative and life-changing.

Arbonne is going great, and our team is taking off. I'm so proud of the girls on my team, and I'm so excited to see where this year is going to take us. I feel my passion for my business reigniting, and it really makes me happy to see that even as not EVERYTHING has gone according to my plan, I still have a career I love, friends and family surrounding me, and a very good life.

God and I are doing well, and I'm thankful always for Him. Ryan and I are doing well, too, even as I think our biggest struggle right now is handling little miss's fits. She has a strong personality, and that can be hard sometimes. We're having a home eval done by HollyRidge soon, so we'll see if they can give us some more pointers on how to help her calm herself down better.

I guess that was less of an "adoption" update, and more of a "Rachel" update -- but there you go.

Minus some "funk," I think I'm doing pretty well.

I'll keep you all posted once I get a date for the adoption finalization!


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