Thursday, February 23, 2012


Dear God,

Today, I caught myself feeling anxious, stressed . . . and well, grumpy.

I don't believe that's how you want me to feel or act. Especially when those feelings are over insignificant things like feeling frustrated with potty training, Madelyn being uncooperative, etc.

I need a change in perspective. A new attitude. A new heart.

Lord, I ask that you please change my heart, and forgive me for giving in to fears and anxiety, when that is not your plan for me. Please give me a gracious, calm and caring spirit -- especially in relation to Madelyn.

Today, instead of being grumpy -- I want to be grateful.

Thank you for . . .

  • The health and wellbeing of my family.
  • The knowledge that you are in control of all things, and that I can trust you.
  • A naping girl.
  • The fact that I even have difficult days with Madelyn. Having difficult days means that I actually have days with her -- and that in itself is the greatest blessing, even when it's hard.
  • The delicious coffee I'm drinking right now.
  • A business to run, and the people on my team. Thank you for their lives and the work they put into Arbonne. Thank you for the encouragement they give me. Thank you for what you will accomplish in and through each of them.
  • A loving, understanding husband.
  • Your provision.
  • Our minivan.
  • Your Spirit that leads us, heals us, reminds us when we are not following your plan, and guides us back to you.
  • Friends that have been so supportive during this time.
  • Church and small group.
  • Your promises in your word.
  • Hope.
  • Freedom from fear.
  • Victory in you.
  • Life.
Father, as I continue through my day, please remind me of your word. Help me to trust deeply in you, have a firm foundation, and live out the rest of my day in glory to you. May you be pleased with the work of my hands -- but more important, with the attitude of my heart.

Love always,

Your daughter

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