Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pursuit of Purpose: Session 4

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OK, if you're like me, Session 3 was really eye-opening. I started to see how those stories that I had created based on my experiences actually started dictating every avenue in my life.

Fear over my body: Anything and everything (to me anyway) scares me. I have learned to completely distrust my body.

Belief that others won't like what they see if I open up: I apologize for opening up. I guard myself. I don't let others see my passion, I don't speak up, I make lots and lots of relationships, but don't let people in too deep. I guard myself. I try to look pretty all the time. Because somehow I feel that others won't accept a Rachel with a bad hair day or a break out.

I could go on and on. . .  But I just want you to start seeing how your stories might be impacting your own life.

And there is a reason for this. Are you ready for it? (Hint: I actually already told you why. DO you remember?)

We have a very real need in our life.

The need to be right.

And that need trumps every other need or want in our life.

Did you get that?

Our need to be right about our story trumps every other need or want.

I might want to be successful. But in my subconscious need to be RIGHT about not having whatever it takes to be successful undermines my desire for success. At the very heart of my foundation, I believe that I do not deserve success. And I will never out perform my self-portrait.

You will never out perform your self-portrait.

And so it becomes a cycle.

We have an event. We create a story. Then we subconsciously seek out experiences that will validate our story because our need to be right trumps everything else we say we want. And so it goes around and around.

OK, so the need to be right is subconsciously driving our life. Not cool right? At least, not cool if we have the wrong stories in our foundation.

Here's where it gets really awesome.

We can CHOOSE the stories that stay in our foundation.

If we find one that is not serving us, then we can EXCHANGE the story that is not serving us for one that is.

Now it's back to diagramming. I want you to draw your house again on a CLEAN SHEET OF PAPER. Draw out the columns. And on the left side, write in your experiences.

Now, on the right side, I want you to EXCHANGE your story for one that will serve you.

Here are mine:

Now it's your turn.

Create a story that is equally true, equally valid -- but SERVES you.

Once you have finished, again I want you to take some time. Listen to some music. Pray, And then decide.

Decide if you want to live your life with your first sheet of paper. Or if you want to live your life with your second set of stories that will serve you.

And don't just decide.

Physically get rid of that first sheet. Tear it up. Burn it. Get it away from you.

Now friends. Now we are ready. You are ready.

WE are choosing to get our foundation right. And we are ready to move on to finding and pursuing our purpose.

Hold on tight girls. Hold on tight. So much is ahead.

Love you all. So proud to call you friends and to be on this journey with you.


  1. Here is my post for 3 and 4! :)

    I'm really enjoying this Rachel! The negativity is such a HABIT, and it's uncomfortable to break but needs breaking badly!

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