Monday, February 9, 2015

Urgent prayer request

My friend Kristin deserves a baby more than just about anyone I know.

Her story resembles mine: HELLP syndrome, which for her resulted in a micro-preemie at 28 weeks, multiple miscarriages, and infertility.

And now today they found out their beautiful daughter, their longed-for and hoped-for rainbow baby has died at 24 weeks.

I cannot wrap my brain right now around the unfairness of it all. I'm crying, but I know that my hurting for them isn't even a drop in the bucket to the sorrow and devastation they feel. 

Why? Why, God? You are good ... But why? 

Kristin will have to deliver their daughter, and I ask that you would take a moment and surround this family with your prayers. 

And pray for those around her ... That her friends and family will know how to show the love and compassion and support they need. 

I wish I could say something Christiany... But I'm honestly so angry that death has won this timr here on earth. I am angry my friend has to say good-bye before hello. I am not understanding why. 

And you know what? I think God is just as angry at death, and sin, and Satan for robbing this baby of her life here on Earth. Even as He has prepared heaven for her, I have to believe that he too is mourning right now as well.


  1. Prayers being sent. I feel your pain, and hers but as you said, not even close what she is feeling right now. Thanks for your words of wisdom about God being angry at death. This gives me some peace in the anger I've been directing at him for almost a year.

  2. So many prayers, for so much love and peace and strength, being sent... I just wish she was safely in their arms where she belongs.

  3. Please tell your friend that I am praying for and hurting with her.

  4. Before Jesus raised Lazarus from the grave, he wept. Even though he was going to fix it, he was still grieved by it. God grieves with us even though he will redeem it.