Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dear friends

Dear friends... 

Do you know that when I go throughout my day, my thoughts often turn toward "dear friends" ... And then the rest of a blog post follows. 

The truth is, I think of you all as friends. Some of you I know, some I don't. Some I have written your stories, and others I have read your stories, cried for you, and still need to edit them and post them ...almost a year after you sent them to me. Some of you have blogs, and I don't know about them. Some if you comment and so I know your name. Others of you are silent. And that's OK by me, too. 

Tomorrow, I need a friend's help. Tomorrow at 9:30 am my time, I'll be interviewed for a 1 hour radio broadcast. The subject ... My story.

I have spent all day trying NOT to think of it for nerve's sake.

The truth of the matter is that I am much more eloquent in writing than in speaking. I have a habit to talking like a auctioneer that doesn't actually want anyone to hear them. The drama note I always got was "s l o w  d o w n." And "SPEAK UP."

I also have a habit of forgetting what I was going to say. So I fill with lots of "ums."

But that isn't my biggest fear. 

My fear is regret. That I will somehow miss something important, something someone needed to hear. Fear that I will listen to the broadcast and think, "man! I should have said so and so!"

So please pray. That I will speak clearly. That my brain would not be all in a fuzz. That God accomplishes whatever his purpose is in having me on. 

Thanks you all, 



  1. I'll be thinking of you and sending you good vibes. I pray that my little Preston sits on your shoulder as you do the interview. The 19th, is always special to me since he was born 11/19/13. Best of luck.

  2. I know I'm a couple days late and a few bucks short, but I just wanted to say that I trust that God gave you the words your listeners needed to hear... even if later you thought of things you wish you'd said, I think you said what you needed to hear. I think it's wonderful that you put yourself out there, willing to be used by the Lord for His purposes. Awesome!