Thursday, May 3, 2012

Questions to mull over

Just a short note tonight . . .

If you haven't noticed, I've had a lot fewer posts lately. I've been super busy ramping up my business, which has actually been a good distraction.

I've been mulling through a few thoughts, but I'd actually love your input. Because as much as I think about each issue, I just come up with more questions than answers. So -- give me your thoughts! I'll mull over them . . . and hopefully one of these days write on them!

What do you think "Christian grief" means?

What is the role of positive attitude in grief? Are the two mutually exclusive? Does feeling sad or depressed mean that you need to change your attitude? Or are those feelings just a normal reaction and does not mean you are having a negative attitude?

How does other people's positivity make you feel in your grief? (As in, responses such as, "But you have so much to be thankful for . . . your faith, your other children, your family, your friends" etc.) Is there a place where others being positive is helpful?

What does it mean to honor God in your grief?

Tell me your thoughts!



  1. I'm not sure I would ever use the term "Christian grief." I think grief is grief. Yes there are ways we cope and one of those ways is to rely on the Lord. But I don't think that there is a way, a prescription, or a system for grief.

    I think we love the Lord, cope with what life brings us and do what we can to rely on Him. I think he realizes we have human limitations and just wants us to lean into Him.

    I guess those who don't have Jesus don't have that. But I think grief is still grief and your struggles are still struggles. It's more about the coping and tools God gives us to handle the grief.

    I admire your coping, your heart, and your desire to honor the Lord in it all Rachel.

  2. I think I agree with you, Inspired. The idea of grieving like a Christian is something that I think we have a lot of opinions about, until we are grieving.

    When I talked with my counselor about it, she shared that Christians are just people who feel everything everyone else feels . . . we just bring it to God, over and over again. We're sad, we bring it to Him. We're angry beyond words, we bring it to Him. We're feeling hopeful, we bring it to Him.

    Thanks for your input. I really appreciate it. Still mulling over the other ideas! :)