Sunday, September 8, 2013

Still good in the world

Recently I had blogged about the hard stuff in life. It's still there. And I hadn't wanted to post about all the good things because I felt like that was ignoring the bad.

But isn't the opposite equally true? Only posting the bad ignores all the good?

So ... Here are a few good things in my life.

1) My marriage with Ryan has never been better.

I feel very much in love with him. I enjoy his company, his friendship, and his goofiness. He works hard for our family, and he loves us well. We still get annoyed with each other sometimes (especially him at me when I'm in my ridiculously goofy mood when I'm overtired...). BUT, in all, we are doing really well and I am happily married.

2) My sister and nephews just came for a visit. I didn't take many pictures, so when I get some from the picture-taking folk in my family... I will post them!

We went to the zoo. We also went to my cousin's on the water for a BBQ on the beach. We headed to Seattle (and I was sans kids!) for an all-you-can-order free food and coffee at Storyville coffee at Pike's place. (you should go... It's yummy! Get the salted caramel roll -- and, you're welcome, in advance.)

We celebrated my brother's birthday with a steak and veggie grill-out on my parent's deck. We celebrated my nephew G's birthday, then my nephew T's first birthday ... All of course with delicious food, good company, and chocolate zucchini cake and Tillamook ice cream.

I saw my sister and the boys every day. They just left yesterday, and I already miss them.

We also got to hang out quite a bit with my other sister and her family. It was such fun to have all the siblings and cousins together.

4) Maddy started preschool. Her teacher's name is Ms. rachel :) she loves her school. I think there are 10 girls in her class and only 1 boy. Poor guy.

5) Business is going well. This is my favorite time of year for working. Which reminds me of how lucky I am to be doing what I do.

6) Little misses' adoption is going slower than I hoped, and has been pushed back to jan/feb. :( but, all our paperwork is done and in, and there's nothing we can do to speed up the process. At least we will get our next (7th) social worker this month.

Little miss is feeling more and more like mine. I thought my heart might burst today she was so cute! She has these darling pigtails that are like these tiny curly-ques. She's adorable.

7) last but not least, God and I are making amends. Not thatI was fighting with Him per se... But it feels like my time in the desert is coming to a close for now at least. Recent happenings have helped me realize I don't ever want to be in the place where I don't need Jesus.

So there you go. There is still a lot of good in my world.

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