Friday, March 29, 2013

Baby Sophia

Today is the third anniversary of baby Sophia's death and birth.

Death... Then birth. I really wish life never happened in that order.

My very dear friend, Stacy, had quite the journey before she was blessed with the short life of Sophia.

It took her and her husband years of trying and treatment to fall pregnant with their son. Complications arose and little baby boy was born a few months early.

During their quest to expand their little family, Stacy suffered 3 miscarriages. After the miscarriages, she discovered she had cancer. Thankfully it was caught soon enough that it was treatable.

Stacy and her husband pursued adoption, and were chosen by a mom to adopt her baby. They prepared for months, only to have birth mom change her mind after the baby was born.

More trying and more treatment later, a precious miracle began to take shape.

Little baby Sophia was their miracle.

She was wanted and loved more than anything in the world. At 32 weeks, Stacy noticed she hadn't felt Sophia move. She had a feeling of dread, and knew she might be facing bad news, but still hoped it was nothing.

When they went to the hospital, they had the worst news a mom could hear. Her baby's heart stopped beating.

3 years ago today, little baby Sophia was born still. Her life brought more love into Stacy's family's heart than they thought it could contain. Her death has brought more pain than someone should ever have to face.

Stacy has a long list of tragedies. 3 miscarriages. Cancer. Failed adoption. And stillbirth.

But she has created (or rather, God has created in her) an amazing legacy.

In honor of Sophia, Stacy has gone on to become the chapter director of MEND -- NW Washington. She invests so much time and energy reaching out to other hurting moms, because she knows exactly what they are going through.

After our loss of Olivia, and then with my subsequent miscarriage in October, Stacy was right there with me, giving me hugs, holding my hand, and listening when I just needed to cry or vent. There are a lot of moms who could say the same thing of her.

I know she gives all she can not because she is just one amazing woman... But because the way she shows her undying love to Sophia now is by loving on other bereaved moms.

Sophia's precious life was so short. But in the last 3 years, she has touched so many lives more deeply than most of us do in our lifetime.

To Stacy.... Today I am thinking of you, dear friend. I remember your sweet little one who was gone too soon. Thank you for all you do to carry on Sophia's legacy. So many of us have been given the strength and encouragement to carry on through grief by your own love and example.

To Baby Sophia -- you will always be loved and missed.



  1. We are looking forward to hearing from Stacy at MOPS in May.

    1. I know. I'm so looking forward to coming. (I can come, right??) :)